Pro athletes killed or injured in boating accidents at alarming rate

After the first-round NFL playoff game in which the New York Giants lost to the Green Bay Packers, all anyone seemed to talk about was the day off spent by the Giants’ receivers partying on a boat in Miami just days before their matchup with the Packers. New York’s pass catchers did not perform well and of course, many tried to trace it back to their fun in the sun earlier in the week.

But this incident is just the latest to prove that athletes should just do their best to stay as far away as possible from boats or anything else that travels on water.

Dropped passes are one thing, death is another. Pro athletes are disproportionately killed or injured in boating accidents. Here’s a comprehensive list of incidents involving pro athletes and boats over the past 25 years.

Emergency phone numbers have been dialed in many instances involving athletes and boats and some scenarios have even ended up in tragedy. Many of these unfortunate events have occurred while these athletes are still making a living in their specific sport, so maybe their peers should take note and wait until their careers are over with before they end up going overboard.

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