UConn Women’s Basketball team gets 100 straight wins

The winningest team in college basketball history (men or women) belongs to the Lady Huskies of UConn, who solidified their place in history with 100 consecutive wins. UConn broke its own NCAA record with its 100th win.

Not only is 100 straight wins a Division I women’s basketball record, it’s also an NCAA achievement that’s virtually unparalleled across all sports. Coach Geno Auriemma and the Lady Huskies haven’t lost a basketball game in 2 years. That’s almost 818 days that the Huskies haven’t felt the agony of defeat. Earlier this month, Coach Geno Auriemma granted all-access to the Lady Huskies’ program:

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To break down how long they’ve been winning and the level of difficulty it took, the ladies have: 98 double digit wins, 71 wins while ranked No.1, 56 victories by 40 or more points, 36 consecutive road wins and 4 straight NCAA Championship titles (11 all together).

There are 8 players on the UConn team who have never lost a game since playing college basketball. And a few players who have won a championship every year they played, like Breanna Stewart (now in the WNBA) who showed off her hardware on twitter:

Fans took to twitter to congratulate the ladies and awe at their astonishing feat:

The women’s UConn team is the most dominant team in sports history. And though there are some critics, the numbers do not lie. They have not only continued a historic winning streak, but the program has never had any scandals, backlash or any off court incidents. Talk about winning with class.

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