Here’s why Chad Kelly wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the next milestone is the upcoming NFL Draft. With that said, there were notable athletes that weren’t invited to the combine. Ole Miss’ quarterback Chad Kelly is amongst the athletes snubbed. But here’s a complete breakdown of why he wasn’t.

Quarterback Chad Kelly may be a talent on the field, but off the field he’s pretty much an ass and NFL teams know it. His college career started with getting dismissed from Clemson for poor conduct. Followed by a fight with a bar bouncer just days after signing with Ole Miss. It’s clear he has issues with conducting himself appropriately in public. However, the real problems all exist for the world to see and replay over and over again. Like photos of him rolling a blunt:

Not to mention, his very persistent attempts to seduce a well known porn star, Mia Khalifa:

She’s gorgeous, you can’t fault the guy for trying:

How about jumping on the field to fight high schoolers:

For most (if not all) NFL teams, Chad Kelly is a walking, talking distraction. Also, potentially a springboard for drama and bad press. Showing these signs so early into his career are huge red flags. If these are the types of behaviors he’s already displaying, imagine adding millions of dollars and access to virtually anything. That’s a recipe for disaster. In fact, it’s reminiscent of another QB who struggled with off the field issues:


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We all know how that worked out. NFL teams are smart to pass on Kelly. Playing professional sports is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If that’s too hard to wrap his mind around, then he shouldn’t be at the next level.

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