WATCH: This Kiss Cam video from an American Football game is powerful

In a new Love Has No Labels campaign, the American Ad Council joined forces with the NFL to create this wonderful video to mark Valentine’s Day.

The footage was captured during the Pro Bowl in Orlando, and the Kiss Cam was used to create an important message for people watching.

The Ad council set out to achieve a simple goal: to elucidate the fact that love can be universally felt, and manifestly experienced, by anyone.

“We wanted to put a twist on the traditional kiss cam by replacing it with an unbiased camera that features all forms of love –friendships, families and romantic relationships– across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age.”

It really was very well done. Credit to the Ad Council and the NFL for “going for it” with the content’s narration. Too often we see stale, half-arsed commercials that don’t come close to expressing a semblance of sincerity. Enjoy.

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