DeMarcus Cousins tears up during heart-wrenching farewell to Kings

The biggest headline coming out of All-Star break is the reveal of DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. A move that no one really saw coming and Sacramento fans are NOT happy with, to say the least. 

NBA All-Star festivities were still underway when Boogie caught wind that he’d been traded. In fact, he was in the middle of a press conference when he found out:

To make things worse, the Sacramento Kings GM Vlade Divac publicly admitted to having a “better deal” a few days before making the questionable trade.

What does that even mean?! Sounds like Vlade just admitted to doing a sh-tty job as a GM. Boogie’s displeasure with the Kings’ organization is well documented. A league source has confirmed that a big reason for the trade is due to DeMarcus’ behavior on and off the court or simple put as “character issues.” I’m sure they weren’t too fond of things like:

When he said “F-ck You” to Warriors fans after a game:

Cussing out a reporter:

Public displays of aggravation:

Let’s be clear, DeMarcus has never gone an NBA season without being ejected from a game. As of late, he hasn’t gone an entire 30 days without being ejected from a game. He’s known to be extremely temperamental, and at times even a distraction.

However, aside from his intensity on the court – he’s found a home in Sacramento as dysfunctional as it may be. It’s clear, his departure from the Kings is saddening. In an impromptu farewell party, he breaks down at the thought of leaving a city he’s become connected to.

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Though it’s unfortunate that DeMarcus is leaving a city that he’s grown to love, his future awaits him in New Orleans with the potential to be a part of the most dominant front court the NBA has ever seen.

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