The most gruesome injuries in sports history

Grown men and women at maximum exertion flinging their fragile flesh and bones around—bound to produce disaster.

With our penchant for recent history and widespread news items, everyone remembers, say, Kevin Ware’s hideous compound fracture during the 2013 NCAA tournament.

We’re less likely to remember the horrors of the past or even be aware of, say, injuries in obscure leagues around the world. But fear not, here are a collection of injuries from the world of sport that may have disappeared from your radar for different reasons.

Akil Mitchell

Pretty cut-and-dried, this one: Akil Mitchell, a forward for the New Zealand Breakers, had his eye poked out in a game earlier this year (it was still attached by the optic nerve, obviously). You may not have heard about the injury because, well, did you even know there was pro basketball in New Zealand.

Clint Malarchuk

Arguably the most viscerally gruesome injury in the history of sports on television, it’s had to forget Clint Malarchuk’s slashed throat and the image of his blood spraying all over the ice. The Sabres’ goalie caught a skate to the neck during a 1989 game against the St. Louis Blues and nearly died as a result of the injury.

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David Busst

Widely regarded as the worst injury in soccer history, we’re presenting it here for our American friends who, let’s be honest, don’t know anything about the sport. David Busst was playing for Coventry City in April 1996 against Manchester United. Two minutes into the game he went in for a challenge that resulted in his leg being caught between two players. Massive compound fractures resulted and Busst never played again…and he caught MRSA to boot.

Ronald Nored

Not the most gruesome injury in terms of catastrophic horror, but really gross stuff and one that’s not difficult to imagine. Truly cringe-inducing stuff when you think about your front tooth breaking in half, which is what happened to Ronald Nored when he was playing for Butler in 2012. Nored dove for a ball. And as you can see from the photo, his tooth absorbed most of the impact.

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Jeremy Lane

This isn’t so much an injury you “might not know about,” but rather, one you probably saw and forgot/didn’t know it was as bad as it was. Jeremy Lane basically snapped his arm in half after picking off Tom Brady in the first quarter of Super Bowl 49. Given the madness of the final seconds of that game (the Seahawks inexplicable decision to throw the ball from the 1-yard line and resulting interception), it’s understandable that Lane’s right-angle left arm was forgotten.

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