NBA teams leery of lottery pick Lonzo Ball’s personal baggage

If pressure makes diamonds, Lonzo Ball’s dad anticipates a very bright future for the UCLA freshman. The only problem is, if he continues to make statements about his son’s potential, Lonzo may never get a chance to play at the next level.

Lonzo Ball’s father Lavar Ball, wears his confidence everywhere much like the clothing line he’s developed with his familycalled “Big Baller Brand.” When you have your eldest son projected to be a lottery pick in this year’s NBA draft, a middle son committed to UCLA and prepared to follow in his older brother’s footsteps. And your youngest son breaking his own high school’s all time scoring record – I’d imagine it would be difficult not to feel the way Lavar feels. The only problem is he went on national TV and proclaimed his son is better than reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry.



Not just Lonzo, Lavar feels just as strongly about his youngest son La Melo ball. Who most recently went viral for scoring 92 points in a single game.

Lavar is bold, confident and at his very core, really believes in his children. However, he’s SO vocal he’s turning players and NBA agents off with his big talk. Washington Wizard’s John Wall explains why Lonzo may be coming in as a target:

There are even rumblings that NBA agents are now completely passing on representing Lonzo because they don’t want to deal with Lavar. Basically, because Lavar’s already insinuating Lonzo is as good or better than Steph, he may expect similar treatment. We all know that’s not happening. Lonzo’s game is definitely more developed than a lot of players in college. But he’ll be going up against players like this at the next level:

He even has an NBA body as a 6’6” point guard with a past first style of play. But to say he’s already better than Steph?

A lot of the bold statements Lavar makes sound outrageous. But to make such statements there has to be something he knows that maybe we haven’t seen yet. At least that’s the only thing that would make sense. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate just like Lavar.

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