Draymond Green disrespects Paul Pierce “They Don’t Love You Like That, You Thought You Was Kobe?”

There is no love lost between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers. This was brought to light when Draymond Green savagely trolled Paul Pierce during his final season in the NBA.

The NBA resumed after the All-Star break and Draymond Green (the Warriors’ resident troll) wasted no time in getting at Paul Pierce. During a free throw attempt, Paul Pierce did something that got Draymond’s attention. The only problem is, Draymond didn’t know that everyone watching the game can hear him. These were his comments directed at Pierce:

“Chasing that farewell tour. They don’t love you like that! You can’t get no farewell tour. They don’t love you like that. You ain’t got that type of love. You thought you was Kobe?”

Draymond Green

Now watch him go off not knowing everyone can hear him:

Ouch! Draymond is, of course, referring to Paul Pierce’s final year in the NBA. To go at a league veteran so viciously obviously proves Draymond has zero chill. As hard as that was to watch, Paul being the veteran he is – got the last laugh on social media. Pierce took to his own twitter account to address Draymond with a dig of his own.

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The Warriors will probably never live down their 3 – 1 loss to the Cavaliers. They made history with the best record in NBA ever and no hardware to show for it. Regardless of what happened last year, that’s not slowing down Draymond’s trash talk. Clearly the Warriors have a “that was then, this is now” mentality. Until they can win another title, they’re just going to have to face the 3 – 1 jokes.

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