LeBron makes god-like block after turning ball over

There’s a lotta superstars in today’s NBA, but LeBron proved (again) he’s still the Sheriff by throwing down a HUGE block after turning the ball over to the Knicks. He’s a man among boys out there – 32 years old playing like he’s 23.

This play is LeBron. The Cavs are up by 20 with 5 minutes left and he’s still playing hard. As soon as he turns it over, you can sense something big coming. It doesn’t even look real when he starts running; it’s like using turbo in a video game, and then he blocks the ball like Zeus. Watch:

Remind you of another play, perhaps from the Finals last year?

His timing is incredible. “Yeah, I could do that too, if I was 6’8 260.” No, you couldn’t. LeBron has been blessed with size, speed, and strength in spades. But it’s his intellect and work ethic that set him apart. The NBA is a league full of freaks. It’s almost a prerequisite. Shoutout Isaiah Thomas for making the All-Star game this year.


Back to LeBron. The freaky thing about him isn’t just his athleticism. He’s been famous half his life and never messed up. Not once. No arrests, no scandals, Nathan. The worst thing he’s ever done is The Decision, where his people convinced him that it would be a good idea to make a big spectacle about leaving the Cavs for the Heat. “I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach” is literally the most controversial thing the guy’s ever said. People lost their minds.

And you know what he did after they burned his jersey? He came back to Cleveland and delivered the city its first championship in over 50 years. LeBron is to Cleveland as Nelly is to St. Louis, except it’s 2000 and Country Grammar just dropped.

When your identity becomes intertwined with a city’s, you know you’ve made it. LeBron’s been building his legacy brick by brick, block by block for as long as he’s been in the league. Blocks like the one he threw down against the Knicks prove he’s still at the height of his powers, even at 32. Vince Carter, the oldest player in the NBA, is 40 and still dunking – and Vince Carter ain’t LeBron James.

Tom Brady is a 39 and still at the top of his game. Yes, LeBron’s getting older, but he’s also getting smarter, and if he stays healthy, he could play for another decade.

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