NFL players that have been diagnosed with CTE disease

Throughout the National Football League there’s so many things that we could laugh and joke about, but there’s even more that we need to take seriously. One of them is the ongoing issue surrounding CTE, also known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. 

CTE is a progressive degenerative disease that is most commonly found in people who have had severe and or repeated blows to the head. Unsurprisingly, it’s athletes that tend be diagnosed with it more often than not, however the twist is that it can’t actually be discovered until after death.

As you may have pieced together by the title, we’re taking a look at just nine of the many, many notable incidents of CTE stemming from american football.

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We aren’t here to make light of the situation and we aren’t here to provide any answers, because we don’t have them. The only thing to do is mourn the loss of every single human being that has been struck by chronic traumatic encephalopathy, as the world continues to search for answers in order to ensure a safer future for the players of today.

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