Ranking the last 9 Super Bowls from the tamest to the most dramatic

Every year people around the world gather to eat junk food, bet their life savings away and all pretend they know the rules of American football. Yup, we’re obviously talking about the Super Bowl and over the last decade or so, the quality of the game itself has been consistently solid. But out of all the recent editions, which one was the greatest?

It’s a fairly layered question and as such, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Did someone make a dramatic comeback? Was there a legendary play? How crisp was the delivery of the half-time show? Alright, the last one doesn’t count, but let’s not pretend like it isn’t one of the most popular factors year in and year out.

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We truly are blessed to have witnessed such outstanding battles throughout the history of this great sport, but the Super Bowl always provides us with something a little bit different. Sure it may just be the endless stream of chicken wings and overly expensive commercials, but that’s part of the fun.

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