The WWE superstars you wouldn’t want to be in the ring with

As human beings, one of our most natural instincts is vanity. At one point or another during everyone’s lifetime, they like to believe that they can do or accomplish anything that they set their minds to. Unfortunately in this instance, there’s absolutely nothing you’d be able to manifest that would prevent your ass getting kicked by these female WWE superstars.

We aren’t insinuating these are the toughest people in the world either, because yes – we know Amanda Nunes and Anthony Johnson exist. However, what we are saying is that people undervalue the legitimate toughness that is required in order to be a professional wrestler. In fact, they even go so far as to openly mocking it over various forms of social media.

There are the woman you shouldn’t underestimate…

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Of course there may be a few members of the list that have a chance at falling flat on their face if the person reading this is a trained MMA fighter, but let’s put that to one side for now. These women are equally as strong, resilient and determined as any professional sportsperson around the world and they should be recognised as such. Immediately.

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