Nate Robinson avoids double team by dribbling through player’s legs

When you’re 5’9” and playing any form of professional basketball, making plays is no easy task. Except if you’re name is Nate Robinson, then in that case – you do the unthinkable. This time, it’s dribbling under a 7’3” defender to avoid a double team.

There aren’t many headlines that come out of the D-League. That is until Nate Robinson (a three-time Dunk Champion) dribbled underneath a player standing at 7’3”. When Nate was in the NBA he was most known for his high flying ability. Something like:

He’s even dunked on Shaq:

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But as we know – no matter how hard they try, athletes can’t escape Father Time. So now that he’s playing in the D-League, Nate’s finding new ways to get to the basket, including ducking under players’ legs:

Clearly being 5’9” has some advantages. While Nate is playing in the D-League, he’s hoping to make an NBA comeback sooner than later. The 32 year-old point guard still feels like he has a lot of basketball left in him. Regarding getting picked up by an NBA team, he says:

“I’m just going to wait and see if other teams want to give me a chance, and if not, I’ll go overseas. Because I know I can help a team. What I bring to the table, I can help a lot of teams in the league.”

Nate Robinson

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While the 11-year veteran has a point, someone needs should let him know the point guard position isn’t what it used to be. It’s arguably the most competitive it’s been in recent years and there are 6’6” pass first point guards coming for the top spot, *cough* Lonzo Ball *cough*

Hopefully Robinson can make a debut back in the league, but only on the pretenses he understands it’s a whole new ball game.

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