Texas A&M’s traditional college baseball chant is downright savage

College baseball may not have the kind of nationwide popularity that college football or basketball has, but the same kind of fanatical fandom typical of those two sports can also be found in the stands of a top college baseball diamond.

Whether it be chants, songs, or even a home run beer shower, college baseball fans around the country sure do know how to have themselves a good time.

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One tradition by the fans at Texas A&M may be the the most fun of all, due to it actually having an impact on the game being played out on the field.

After an opposing pitcher has walked one of Texas A&M’s batters, the crowd then gets on their feet and begins their infamous “Ball Five” chant. If the opposing pitcher was struggling to throw strikes before the chant began, his job just got a whole lot tougher thanks to the Texas A&M fans.

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As one can see from the video, these fans are flat-out ruthless. Their loud chant will not come to an end until the opposing pitcher is finally able to throw the baseball across the plate for a called strike.

In the game shown in the clip above, TCU junior pitcher Mitchell Traver ended up throwing three more balls until he was finally able to throw a strike. After each pitch he threw that was called for a ball, the Texas A&M fans got louder and louder, slowly melting away whatever ounce of confidence Traver may have had before this sequence.

But despite their efforts, Texas A&M actually ended up losing that night’s game to TCU by a final score of 4-1.

Traditions like the one at Texas A&M has given college baseball a bit of a cult-like following. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Traditions like the one at Texas A&M has given college baseball a bit of a cult-like following. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It is moments like these that add to the many reasons for why people love sports. Those who are not as diehard as others can still realize the amount of passion in the stands shown by these Texas A&M fans.

Baseball may not be the most exciting of sports to watch during this current day and age, but that does not mean that it cannot be in the future. Traditions like the one at Texas A&M give the sport a sense of satisfaction in knowing that there are still millions of passionate baseball fans around the United States today.

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