Jahlil Okafor’s horrible defense is truly amazing

Now that the NBA trade deadline is over, players on the chopping block can breathe a sigh of relief. But some players (like Jahlil Okafor) are just a little too relaxed, given his entire career could have been uprooted a few days ago.

Rumor has it that the Philadelphia 76ers were really hoping to trade one of their many big men. The main focus, however, was Jahlil Okafor. And after seeing this next video, it makes complete sense why he was on the chopping block. The 76ers were engaged in a pretty tight game against the Miami Heat but Jahlil must have not gotten the memo AT ALL. Look at his defense during this possession:



Check out another possession where Hassan Whiteside literally just snatches the ball from Jahlil Okafor when he’s trying to score:



Jahlil seems to have forgotten he’s 6’11 and 217 lbs. The league’s legendary big men would take Jahlil outside and read him the riot act if they were his teammates. These guys would never stand for that:

Not to mention he was the third overall pick in the 2015 draft. He’s not living up to the potential the 76ers saw in his back in 2015 – other than his lazy performance on the court. Early into his career with the Sixers, Jahlil also couldn’t stay out of trouble off the court. Getting into not one, but two street fights:


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It’s no secret the Philadelphia 76ers still have a lot of players that need to develop. The franchise has been abysmal (to say the least) for years. But it all starts with effort on the court and behavior off the court. That’s only true way to build culture around the club and a sense of pride for these players. With Nerlens Noel traded to the Mavericks and Joel Embiid injured again, now is the time for Jahlil to establish himself as the Sixers go-to big man. Let’s hope he doesn’t squander the moment like he’s done before.

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