Tom Brady goes full Tony Robbins with epic Instagram post

It’s been 17 years and Tom Brady still has his combine shirt. Brady is the most decorated quarterback in NFL History. But before he became the greatest of all time, at the NFL Combine back in 2000 – he was just another QB in hopes to make it to the draft.

The NFL Combine spans over several days and literally makes or breaks the next greatest superstars. For any player entering the NFL draft, it starts with the combine. The combine not only test your physical strengths, but your mental agility as well. For most players, a great performance at the combine can literally change their lives. For other players like Brady, the combine didn’t do much for his reputation. He reflected on his experience in an Instagram post:



It feels weird to think at some point Tom Brady was an underdog. But before there was this:


There was this:

First of all, wow – have times changed. Knowing what Brady’s accomplished now, seems like watching what he looked like 17 years ago proves he get’s better as he gets older. It seems like he’s in the Super Bowl every year – which one of these recent Super Bowls do you think was the best?

For a lot of players, Brady’s career is something to aspire to. He played to his strengths, got better with every year and found a team that believed in him as much as he believed in them. Every year, the Combine introduces us to new hungry athletes ready to compete and basically play for their lives. Hopefully, Tom’s Instagram post serves as inspiration for players who will be doing the same thing he did 17 years ago.


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