Ohio State football team holds epic dunk contest

If you didn’t watch the NBA dunk contest this year, you didn’t miss much. Compared to previous years, the 2017 Dunk Contest was a snooze fest, but that’s about to change because this year’s draft class is stupidly talented – did we get the order right?

If you’re still craving some high flying dunks, The Ohio State Buckeyes football team may have what you’re looking for.

While all eyes are glued to the NFL combine, the Ohio State football team isn’t too concerned with what’s going on at the NFL tryout. Rather – they’re taking their talents to the basketball courts to show off their freakishly athletic skills. Football players may be the most athletic type of athletes there are. They can jump high, run fast; their strength alone make them outliers. However, that doesn’t automatically translate to other sports. Except if you’re the Ohio State football team, that is. Watch the football team participate in an impromptu dunk contest:

Still not impressed? Here’s Rashod Berry, a defensive linemen cradling a dunk with ease:

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Ohio State has some of the best football players in the country. And after these videos, looks like they may also have some of the most athletic. In a parallel universe, they’d also make a pretty decent basketball team (not that Ohio State doesn’t already have one). However, the Buckeyes aren’t the only ones that can throw down on the basketball court. Odell Beckham Jr. Has pretty impressive dunk abilities:

I bounce back like 2-3 wit 4-5???#SlamDunkSaturday

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Even Johnny Manziel has showed off his springs:

Football players really are some of the most athletic people on the planet. If you’re not convinced now, nothing will convince you.

How do the best dunkers compare to the best shooters in the NBA…


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