LeBron’s son’s game even better than dad’s

Ryan Shea

LeBron James said publicly the other week that his kid is developmentally better then he was at the same age. Do we have another phenom on our hands? Should we prepare for SLAM magazine covers, ESPN featured games and hype like you’ve not seen since his dad?

Sure, LeBron is a once every 20-year talent with hype we have never seen before. What high school kid has games televised on ESPN as an 18-year-old kid? What kid sells out games at Cleveland’s Gund Arena (now Quicken Loans Arena) while the local Cleveland Cavaliers ranked last in the league in attendance?

LeBron was the highest touted prep basketball player of all time
LeBron was the highest touted prep basketball player of all time (Image source/Sports Illustrated)

It’s important to remember that the league was scrambling to find the new face for NBA basketball. After all, Michael Jordan was set to retire after the 2002-2003 season, and LeBron to be the top pick in the draft shortly after. The hype for something new, fresh and unknown had people intrigued. Will it happen again?

Lets take a look at the kid

LeBron’s son has been blowing up the national circuit as the 12-year-old prep star showcased his skills in a recent highlight tape shown at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend. You can see many flashes of his dad in the tape and he completely dominates the competition. Hide your kids, hide your wife, because your about to get crossed up by a 12 year-old.

The performance hasn’t gone unnoticed by many, including his dad, LeBron James Sr. He was recently asked about his son’s performance and his potential in the video below:

So while he might not get the national stage, attention and media his dad did, the future is bright for the kid. If he stays the course, he might end up better then his dad.

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