Cubs fan drove 650 miles to father’s grave to listen to World Series

Stories of long-suffering Cubs fans were legion when the Cubbies won the World Series last year. But perhaps none was more touching than that of Wayne Williams and the incredible promise he kept.

68-year-old Williams drove more than 650 miles to his father’s grave in Indiana to listen to the Game 7 broadcast last year, clad in a Joe Maddon jersey a cubs hat, and equipped with a lawn chair.

Williams tuned in to the Cubs broadcast via his smartphone, and no shortage of T.V. crews turned out for the strange scene of an elderly man sitting in a graveyard after dark glued to the audio from the device.

He told WTHR-TV that he’d made a pact with his father, who died in 1980, that they would listen to the World Series together…when the Cubs made it. And damn it, you can’t accuse Wayne Williams of being anything other than a man of his word.

Unfortunately, Wayne, Sr. died of cancer 36 years before the Cubs triumph. But that didn’t stop his son from making good. Cemetery workers agreed to keep the gates open for Williams and he posted up next to his father’s resting place for the marathon 10-inning-plus-a-rain-delay game.

“I just kind of said `We did it,’ like I had anything to do with it. I know how much he would have enjoyed it.”

Wayne Williams

But buried in this story is a detail perhaps even more outrageous: Williams doesn’t think his father was even tuning in from heavenly realms. Not because he’s an atheist who denies the soul’s survival of bodily death, but rather, because his father was a “hell-raiser” who’d be more interested in, well, other things, apparently.

So Wayne Williams Jr. kept his promise, but Wayne Williams Sr….didn’t?

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