Japanese pool player gives the greatest interview in history

Naoyuki Oi, ladies and gentlemen! What a stone-cold legend. The Japanese pool player turned internet sensation gave arguably the greatest post-game interview of all time after winning a recent billiards tournament, and it’s something that must be seen to be believed.

This lord of the side-part and voluminous hair set the internet ablaze with his…unconventional style. Without divulging (yet) where this competition was or what was happening; anything – all you need to know is Oi won, and as such, he was entitled to a post-win interview. And just watch this:

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Now, It’s impossible to tell whether this man speaks a word of English, but that impenetrable mystery makes you love this whole situation even more. It’s like a second pass through the buffet line. Yes, please. Every time.

Anyway, Naoyuki Oi could not speak English at all and have selected some prepared answers to give with gusto, regardless of question, or he might speak English just fine, but prefer his own prepared answers, given with gusto.

Either possibility: absolutely stellar. And the “finger in the hole” gesture? What the heck is that? He seemed confused about which one was the “apple” and which one was the “pen.”

But OK, then. A word about this cue-toting lord of viral video. The native of Tokyo, Japan, has won $7,500 this year and is 19th on the AZB Money Leaderboard. Last year, he was 135th in the standings, so it looks like Oi could be poised for a breakout campaign.

Upon further review, Mr. Oi has been bringing his unique flavor to the post-match interview for years. Check out this bit in which he degenerates (or elevates) into naming food items.

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But really, while he has every right to say whatever he wants when interviewed, why wouldn’t event organizers either A.) Stop interviewing him or B.) Get him a translator? Probably because the video of Oi’s interview has more than 1.8 million views on YouTube…about 1.79 million more than any other videos from the competition.

It’s clear Nauyuki Oi knows how to have some fun, but too much of a good thing can be problematic, just ask these notoriously fun-loving athletes:

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