Lance Stephenson’s antics continue to baffle

You would think signing a 10-day contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves would be enough motivation to make sure you’re playing at your best. But for Lance Stephenson, these past few days haven’t been his greatest.

Coming off the heels of an alleged sex tape with Rick Ross’ ex-fiance, Lance is making all the wrong headlines during his 10-day contract. The latest display of Stephenson’s questionable behavior comes in the form of tripping himself while trying to make a move to the basket. It really is a play you have to see to truly believe:


Really? For most, you’d look at a play like that and think “it’s a mistake, those things happen.” Which would make sense – but then how would you explain a similar play where Lance not only falls by himself but actually hurts himself in the process:


Lance has always done questionable things on the court. It’s just part of his playing style. He’s also one of the most meme worthy NBA players in the league. He’ll never live down the infamous ear blowing tactic he used on Lebron James:



Stephenson is also the only person that can cause himself harm. Whether it’s through his own actions or accidental incidents, Lance is literally his own worst enemy. On this play, he ends up giving himself a bloody lip:


Aside from his clumsiness, he makes stupid plays like this more often than not. Never call an isolation play for Lance:

For any team in the NBA, Lance has some potential but he hasn’t been able to really become an important piece on any of the teams he’s played on. Lance needs to make the most of his new opportunity with the Timberwolves, given his accident-prone nature and low basketball IQ. He’s a perfect candidate to be waived. If I were lance, I wouldn’t unpack my bags in Minnesota just yet.

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