Zeke Elliott can’t stay out of trouble off the field

When you’ve had the season Ezekiel Elliott just had, there are no shortage of reasons to celebrate. With that said, he should also be aware by now that he can’t go anywhere without cameras pointing at him (especially in Dallas).

The Dallas Cowboys’ star running Back Ezekiel Elliott was recently videotaped exposing a woman’s boob during a Dallas St.Patrick’s Day event.

Though the crop-top golden boy seems like he can do no wrong, he’s already made headlines for his behavior off the field 3 times. The latest headline is coming from a premature St. Patrick’s Day event. Let’s just say Zeke took the sentiment “Free the nipple” literally:

Although a representative for Elliott said “it was all in good fun” it’s still rubbing people the wrong way. Zeke’s in the middle of a domestic violence investigation. If you remember, before he played a single game with the Dallas Cowboys, he was accused by his then girlfriend of assault, resulting in the NFL launching their own investigation to see if he violated league rules.

These kids would do well to learn from Zeke’s mistakes, lest they face the same media scrutiny that the former Ohio State Buckeye has been dealing with since he got in the league:

Let’s also not forget Zeke was caught in a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle. To which he explained the reason for his visit was “out of curiosity.” But anyone with knowledge of medicinal marijuana knows you have to have a valid marijuana card in order to enter the premises (even if you’re just “curious”).

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Elliott’s talent on the field is undeniable. However, the reality is he’s a 21-year-old, multi-millionaire at the top of his game. That alone is a recipe for disaster. If you also include the fact that he’s set to have an even bigger year coming up, under the wrong circumstances Zeke can rush his way into even hotter water. Dallas should take action before it’s too late.

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