Dwyane Wade has perfect response for heckling fan

It seems sitting in premium seats and shouting rude comments just go hand in hand. But this year, NBA players are not letting hecklers have their way with them. The latest protest comes from an unexpected source in Dwyane Wade. While playing in Boston he had his own clever response to a heckling fan.

Make no mistake, Dwyane Wade isn’t what he used to be (and this is coming from a Miami Heat fan). The truth is, father time is catching up to the 35-year-old veteran pretty quickly. Rather than being “The Flash” he’s more-so showing FLASHes of his younger playing days. Regardless, when you speak to D. Wade, put some respect on his name! A heckling Boston fan shouted out to Wade that Avery Bradley has his number. D Wade wasted no time to respond. Ultimately, he had to remind a fan he’s got 3 rings to his name. saying:

“What’s my number, three? That’s how many rings I got.”


Dwyane Wade reminds a Celtics fan how many rings he has. ? (Submitted by @wbellissimo)

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The quip was perfectly timed. It’s obvious, Dwyane hasn’t had the best season since leaving the Miami Heat and joining The Bulls. But when he was in his prime, he was as fun to watch as any of these all-time greats:

With every game it’s becoming more evident that he’s “the old guy” on the squad. Though his role has changed on the team, players sometimes have to remind fans what they once were.

Kobe Bryant has done it:

Lebron James has done it:

It’s not easy transitioning from franchise player to wise veteran, especially when fans make you aware of it every game. But reminding fans about your hardware is the ultimate silencer. An NBA Championship gives you bragging rights for life.

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