Russell Westbrook’s MVP case just received a ringing endorsement

The race for this year’s NBA MVP is pretty competitive to say the least. As of now, the front runners are James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Knowing how close the race is, Enes Kanter and Steven Adams want to make sure Russell has your vote with an epic video.

Enes Kanter is most known for his retro moustache and Steven Adams…well, we all know him for being on the receiving end of very unfortunate kicks. Ouch:

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Though we know little about the pair, the good news is, collectively, they have a good sense of humor. In a game of “would you rather” the two Oklahoma City teammates prove that Russell is the most lethal player in the NBA and maybe even in the animal kingdom. Watch:

Pretty convincing arguments. But If you’re still not convinced, here’s another video advocating for their fearless leader and triple double machine:

Someone please show Steph Curry these videos since he made comments he’d choose James Harden for MVP over Russ. Obviously, Russell gave his most Russell Westbrook reaction:

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Given the history between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder, this was an unusually tame response from Russ. The truth is, whoever ends up clinching the MVP honors, it will be well  deserved. Both Harden and Westbrook are playing outstanding basketball. However, you don’t see any of James Harden’s teammates going this hard campaigning for him during this MVP race.

Westbrook is putting up video game numbers this year, but he can’t still can’t bang from outside like these guys:

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