The money that fuels the madness behind UFC

Money makes the sporting world go round; it’s the reason for transfers happening – or not happening – and it’s the only thing that stops UFC fighters stepping into the ring against one another – well that and fear.

Since 2004, UFC fighters’ fight purses have been released as common knowledge, and a few brutal rounds in the octagon have certainly been worth it for the sport’s biggest names.

The money doesn’t stop coming in, even if you haven’t won for nearly four years (just ask No.9 on the below list).

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When you compare the fact that UFC’s poster boy, Conor McGregor, hasn’t even seen $10,000,000 enter his bank account, whereas, boxer David Haye picked up £4.2million for losing his fight to Tony Bellew, you realise the gulf in class in terms of interest, branding and funding for the UFC.

The problem the sport has, it’s a sport that’s not for the faint-hearted; you’ll need a tough stomach and a warped sense of enjoyment to watch two people pummel one another – it’s a glorified brawl in a bar.

Also, it’s painfully clear that the richest fighters aren’t the best; they’re just the fighters who are better at being a brand. But that’s a widespread problem across all sports!

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