The legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin outside the ring

Soaked in beer, never without a pair of faithful denims and always sporting a questionable black leather waistcoat; Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn’t have looked out of place stumbling home at 5am from a fraternity party.

The outfit was, of course, all part of the brand. And a brand that has grown and grown during Stone Cold’s high-profile career.

A born entertainer, epitomised by his original name upon entering the ring for the first time in 1996, as ‘The Ringmaster’, it is no surprise to many that the WWE superstar made the move from wrestling ring to cinema screens.

But what will no doubt surprise, is the sheer amount of movies Austin has starred in!

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This is a public service announcement: On behalf of the whole world, can film directors please stop casting Stone Cold Steve Austin. Or even better, stop coming up with cliché movie ideas that involve plots with more holes than a golf course.

And, Steve, please stick to the wrestling ring, buddy.

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