Uniting Los Angeles: the ultimate Clips and Lakers team

Ah, basketball in the City of Angels. Los Angeles has a pair of NBA teams: One (the Lakers) have won 17 NBA Championships. The other (sorry, Clippers) hasn’t event been to a final.

Whether you’re fan of the dominant Lakers, and their multiple eras of glory, or the Clippers, and their multiple eras of…well, not glory, there’s no denying both teams have fielded some impressive rosters. The Lakers, who won their first championship in 1949, have, of course, seen a more impressive bunch wearing their colors.


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But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been Clipper greats, in fact, two of the best Clips of all time are suiting up for the squad right now (Sorry, J.J. Redick, not you).

What are your thoughts on the ultimate starting five (plus a bonus sixth man) for the pair of basketball teams that share the Staples Center?

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