Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidd: the ultimate All-Texas team

The state of Texas isn’t just known for it’s “everything is bigger in Texas” slogan, or cowboys and BBQ. It has also been earning a reputation as a basketball state for the past few decades.

Texas has had its fair share of titles, eight to be exact, and Hall of Fame players have graced its hardwood. However, in the NBA world, how would a team comprised of the state’s best players match up against another state’s? What about just another team’s all-time greats? Let’s get one thing straight, they would lose to the best Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics team, but it would be a phenomenal series, or game. This team would be no slouch; made up of five Hall of Fame players, they would not go down easily. So would be lucky enough to make this Texas-sized squad?


This team is stacked. Some of you are saying how the hell could you make Dirk Nowitzki the sixth man? Well that’s because Tim Duncan has had an all around better career. He has 5 titles and is considered one of, if not the, best power forward ever. Any other all-time great team better come prepared when faced up with this monster.

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