The English side that would pass any Test

Since the 1990s, England have had some of cricket’s most impressive names come through the ECB’s ranks. So much talent, in fact, that you can form a world-class Test team from just the last two and half decades or so, in itself.

It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And imagine if there was a point where Kevin Pietersen was allowed to return to the international fold!

A golden generation? Perhaps.

The surprise of having no Ian Botham, the best all-round cricketer to ever play the game, is justified. However, Botham played his last Test match for England in June 1992, with arguably his best moments in the famous English whites coming pre-1990, the inclusion of the now-61-year-old was perhaps too easy.

If these players played together more regularly together then perhaps England would have asserted their dominance over Australia in the Ashes, ratehr than be drawing level with the Wallabies 32-32 to current date. Time will tell this summer if Joe Root’s Lions can put themselves in the history books; surely meaning he would join this XI?!


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