The moment English clocks stopped: Where are they now?

They were, and remain the greatest England team to have played the game. While there may have been teams with more talented players, or that went on longer unbeaten runs, the team of 2003 did something no other England team had done before, or has replicated since; won a World Cup.

They were the envy of the entire Northern Hemisphere, becoming the only side to break the dominance of our Southern cousins. Since then, South Africa have won it and New Zealand defended their triumph of 2011 by dominating the competition in England; the home of rugby.

While the current side are building towards dethroning the current kings, they still have quite a way to go to match the efforts of their brothers from yester-year, with the starting XV boasting some of the best players of all time.

14 years on from that triumph, we ask, where are the now?

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While there are some that say the current England side is on track to match the class of 2003, they still have a long way to go. Beating Northern Hemisphere teams consistently is one thing, but beating them at a World Cup and then winning a final is on a whole different level.

Eddie Jones’ England side are very good, but they are not yet in the same bracket as the most famous England team ever.

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