2005 Ashes: The unrepeatable test series

“Cricket has captured the nation; I’m not sure the sport will ever get to that level again”.

Michael Vaughan

The greatest moment in English cricket history; perhaps the greatest moment in English sporting history. The then-captain, Michael Vaughan was right, that series in 2005 was unrepeatable; cricket will never be able to captivate an audience quite like it again.

The English 16-year wait for an Ashes title finally finished in 2005, mainly thanks to Freddie Flintoff’s brilliant 24 wickets and 402 runs. History was written, the Lions were respectable again; England’s compassion was shown through Flintoff’s gesture to Brett Lee at Edgbaston.

As the winning side were paraded along Trafalgar Square, after winning the series 2-1, the celebrations led all the way to No. 10 Downing Street. But where are the heroes from the famous side today?

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It’s great to see some of the legends still playing; the side that turned English cricket on its head, bringing joy back into the sport once more:

“The English people deserved this. This is a celebration not just of cricket but of national spirit.”

Geoff Lawson, the former Australian paceman

However, not all of the heroes from 2005 make it into all-time English test XI.

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