India in test cricket: The gift that keeps on giving

There are a number of teams that are synonymous with different sports. Brazil and football, New Zealand and rugby, and India and cricket. The latter have been a mainstay at the top of the game, while other nations have come and gone, the Indian cricket team is one that is perennially at the top of the sport.

They are usually at the top because they can currently, and have been able to boast some of the finest talent to ever take to the middle. And their all-time test XI is some team:

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Incredibly, there are so many more players that are also deserving of a place in this team. From explosive batsmen and incredible all rounders to outstanding spin bowlers, the only area really missing from the above team is an out and out quick bowler. However, the three above spinners are worth their weight in gold, and, amazingly, there were a lot more spin bowlers that could have made the team.

India have always been a team that, when mentioning cricketing excellence, follows swiftly afterwards. The current team are slowly gaining momentum under Virat Kohli as they look to rule the cricketing world, but imagine how dominant they would be with this XI.

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