Kobe’s commentary reveals unpleasant truth about today’s NBA

What’s wrong with the NBA today? Give up? It’s the softness of the game. Kobe Bryant was right when he called out his teammates for being “soft like Charmin.” But it’s not just the Lakers; it’s true on a large-scale spectrum. The league is soft, there’s no denying it. You breathe on a guy today and you get whistled for a foul.

We’ve all been frustrated watching our team play against James Harden and he gets the weakest calls. And don’t even start on these so-called “flagrant” fouls. The 90s and 80s were the best time to be an NBA fan because you could watch players be physical defensively. You had to earn every point. And the players back then would destroy most of the players today – it was players like these guys who embodied the greatest era of NBA basketball:

Those players represented what it meant to be a basketball player. When there was more pride on the defensive side. These were the days where you had to be bold, and determined to do whatever it took to win, because if you drove to the bucket against a few of these fools, and you didn’t go hard, you ended up on your back.

That was basketball at its finest. Don’t get me wrong; I love watching the game today. I love seeing how players’ handles have improved, I love watching a guy get crossed up, but I hate how easy the league has made it for these players and teams to score. We are too sensitive to scoring. Players today just don’t have enough pride on defense.

The league should make some changes to allow for more physical play, especially on the defensive end. Today, the league-wide scoring average is up, meaning teams average more points per game and there are more players averaging 20 points per game than ever. Let the game to more physical. Steph Curry or James Harden would not average over 27 points per game if they played during the 90s when hand-checking was legal, and that’s a good thing.

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