Lucozade’s latest Anthony Joshua stunt is beautiful but a wrong message

“Nobody ever moved forward standing still.”

Luozade, Anthony Joshua advert

A comment that sums the boxer up perfectly; constantly looking forward, always wanting more, consistently pushing himself. For an athlete that prides himself on hard work and dedication, the recent Lucozade advert brilliantly encapsulates Anthony Joshua’s journey to the top in 90 seconds.

The best advert for sometime, a story told beautifully through clinical filming; different scenes which manage to emotionally engage the audience just like the advert’s headliner has done for the past five years. Genius.

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However, as good and inspirational as the advert is; the section on Joshua’s run-in with the police can deliver a wrong message; glorifying the wearing of a police tag.

The using of such a message suggests how the punishment is what ‘changed’ AJ; changed the way he saw life, changed the way he approached his work.

The boxer needed such a warning to shake him into action, a message of perhaps you can do as you please, but once it reaches the extremity of a police tag, then you’ll wake up and smell the bacon – so to speak.

Image Source: Twitter

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The symbolism of the advert implies you need this wake up call; you need such moments to realise what you are doing wrong in life. The great AJ needed it, and it made him work harder than ever to achieve heavyweight dominance; from bricklayer to world champion – #StayHungry #StayHumble.

The following the Englishman has, and the effect his every word and movement has on his fanbase could potentially encourage similar success stories: ‘It’s ok to continue being ‘bad’, because once you get caught, you realise that *that* slap on the wrist will make you work and be hungrier than ever’.

A perhaps wrongful conclusion from such a telling story, and brilliant advert; but also a sobering reminder that Joshua needed a run-in with the law to make him the champion he is.

We doubt Joshua’s bout with Klitschko will get anywhere near the nine greatest fights of all-time…


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