Weed, Guns, and Motorcycle Gangs: The Jesse Ventura Story

Former underwater demolition expert, professional wrestler, politician, and activist Jesse Ventura carries a gun in his fanny pack. His bald head with a stream of white hair flowing behind him, helmetless on a custom built motorcycle, contains a stoic face. It is one that has seen two war tours, membership in a notorious motorcycle gang, and possible bid for presidency just last year. Jesse Ventura is now in his mid-sixties, an advocate for medicinal marijuana, and almost lives completely off the grid.


In his book, and in many interviews since, Ventura has stated that marijuana cured seizures in his wife. Not the THC part of weed, but the CBD part of the plant. He believes that the seizures were brought on from the stress of a continuing lawsuit. Ventura has been tangled in a web of court cases and lawyers with Chris Kyle and his family. Chris Kyle was the author of American Sniper, which was eventually made into a blockbuster movie starring Bradley Cooper. Kyle reported that he punched Ventura in the face at military graduation for libeling the Navy S.E.A.L.’s.  Ventura has denied the claim.

“American Sniper is a movie whose politics are ludicrous and idiotic. The fact that it’s popular is a problem.” –Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone

Being caught up in such a mess didn’t deter Mr. Ventura from continuing his eccentric behaviour. A year after leaving his post for Governor of Minnesota, he disguised himself as a dreadlocked biker and travelled around the entire state in his gang colors. He is still a card carrying member of the motorcycle gang The Mongols–one of the most dangerous motorcycle gangs in America.

Ventura is also an advocate for the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. While Governor he helped pass a law that gives gun owners more rights to carry anywhere they want, in public, in the state on Minnesota. He did have stringent regulations attached to the law, holding gun owners responsible for training, shooting practice, and a zero alcohol policy while carrying.


Ventura’s outlandish claims of conspiracy during 9/11 and beyond seem well rehearsed, well researched, and believable when coming from him. Despite his aging looks, he is sharper than ever; although his hair style has him looking a bit more like Count Olaf from the Lemony Snicket movie, or maybe Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

Jesse Ventura has made himself a household name for so many reasons. He is a military war veteran, one of the most popular wrestlers of all time, a key member in a major motorcycle gang, an advocate for guns and weed, a politician, a solar powered unicorn, and an all-around truth seeker and maybe a soothsayer.

If his past reflects his future, whatever it is he is trying to accomplish, he will be successful.

“I wake up every day with nothing to do and by the time I go to bed I’m half done.”  – Jesse Ventura

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