Zafar Ansari’s early retirement isn’t the first to catch the sporting world off guard

The sporting world was caught off guard when Surrey all-rounder Zafar Ansari announced his retirement from cricket with immediate effect at the age of 25.

Ansari made his Test debut in the winter and could have been an international cricketer for years. But you have to doff your cap to the former cricketer, who has higher ambitions.

What might’ve been for Ansari will always remain a big question for England’s national side. But the sport moves on, just like the world did with these other ‘out of nowhere’ retirements.

Perhaps, though, the fear of staying onto long – only have to look at how Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is now viewed at Old Trafford – was what drove our sporting icons to retire early.

Rafael Nadal will be remembered fondly but not in the same bracket as Federer, something that the Spaniard may well have been, if he had stopped playing four years ago.

The best thing to maintain a sporting legacy is to retire at your peak, no matter what your age.

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