Can we please stop talking about a Joshua versus Fury fight

Anthony Joshua versus Wladimir Klitschko: pure box office. So often boxing fails, so often the fight does not match the entertainment of the build-up; how different this bout was.

In what were supposedly subdued press conferences and general media attraction in comparison to the likes of Tony Bellew versus David Haye, the whole process of how Joshua-Klitschko was delivered is something which should be modelled, and replicated in the future.

Two gentlemen showing respect to the sport and their opponent; two world-class boxers giving everything for the paying fans. The brilliance of it simply can not be undervalued.

And that’s why fights such as Joshua versus Tyson Fury should not even be whispered about. Although Joshua has the sad truth of having to face the fact he has no one to run from, but also nowhere to run to due to the lack of quality in the heavyweight division; there is no chance Tyson Fury is going to fix that.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

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Out of shape and out of practice; not even mentally stable. It wouldn’t be fair to give either Tyson Fury himself – or to boxing fans – to suddenly start selling this fight which is years, and years away.

It would be robbing the fans, and damaging the reputation of a sport which has been drastically improved thanks to the Joshua-Klitschko fight.

Of course, Fury is back in training – thanks to his daily social media updates – entertainment of them aside, the stripped world champion is still years away from being in the correct/safe condition to be in a heavyweight fight against a man who has just dispatched Klitschko.

Even the money grabbing at any opportunity Eddie Hearn believes such a fight is way off, and should not be spoke about:

“He [Fury] is miles away from fighting. He is in a terrible physical way at the moment. He doesn’t have a licence, he needs to go back to the [British Boxing] board, and he is under investigation for [an alleged] failed [doping] test.

Eddie Hearn

As Hearn mentions, the fitness is one thing, but Fury also needs his licence back before he can start calling different boxers out.

Fury has claimed he does not need a warm-up fight before facing Joshua, and Joshua would be stupid not to say no. For all his morals, why not embarrass the Gypsy King who is currently six-stone overweight?

But, fans, and the boxing federation should not encourage the fight, nor entertain any thought of it happening. Let’s not rob the fans anymore through the sport, and just, at present time, encourage the unification of the heavyweight division in a fight between Joshua and Deontay Wilder (after the American has – in all likelihood faced, and defeated – Joseph Parker).

Fury is still young at 28, his bout with AJ can wait for a few more years.

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