Mike Tyson: “Mayweather vs. McGregor would be garbage”

Mike Tyson believes that a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would be “garbage” and has urged the pair to do battle in the UFC Octagon instead.

Mayweather retired with a perfect 49-0 record, and there’s little doubt McGregor has crossed his mind. “Money”

Tyson seems to admire McGregor’s confidence, but he told ESPN that a boxing match with Mayweather wouldn’t even be close. Ensuring a fight under MMA rules would be the only way to guarantee a fair contest. Any fan knows Mayweather will never do it.  Floyd earned a cool $250 million from his fight with Manny Pacquiao, MacGregor on the other hand is worth around $22million. This shouldn’t be important, but it is. Floyd has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Mike Tyson and Connor McGregor
Source : Twitter

“If Mayweather boxes McGregor, it will be total garbage,” “But if Floyd goes to UFC … now that would be interesting. I want to see an MMA fighter fight a boxer, not an MMA fighter box a boxer.

“In a boxing ring, McGregor is outmatched by Mayweather — it won’t be fair. McGregor is a colourful guy, but I’d much prefer to see where he’s at in a match with UFC rules.”

– Mike Tyson, ESPN

The prospect of stepping back into the ring is something Tyson insists he has never considered, despite receiving several offers since hanging up his gloves in 2005.

“I would never come out of retirement,” Tyson said. “Of course Don King has come up with a few proposals over the years, but I wouldn’t do it, not even for $100 million. I just don’t want to get beaten up anymore — it’s as simple as that.”

– Mike Tyson, ESPN


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