10 years on: Where are the historic Ottawa Senators class of 2007 now?

Scott Salter

It’s 10 years since the Ottawa Senators made the Stanley Cup play-off finals for the first time in their history. They eventually lost the series 4-1 to a strong Anaheim Ducks side.

With the Sens looking strong in this year’s Play-Offs, currently leading the New York Rangers 3-2 after defeating the Boston Bruins in the first round 4-2, where are the stars of the historic 2007 Stanley Cup run now?

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With 2007 a franchise high-point for the Ottawa Senators, a reshuffle in the years following meant that many of the class of 2007 were moved on. Only one player remains with the franchise today, having not moved away, and that is Chris Neil. The burly forward – a known lover of the aggressive game – continues to be a key player for the Ottawa Senators.

Fast forward to today and the Sens are going strong in the post-season Easter Conference brackets, with one game seperating them and the conference finals. Can the class of 2017 go one better than the class of 2007 and clinch a franchise first Stanley Cup trophy? Time will tell.

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