Can any sports-political relationship match Curry and Obama?

In every day life, we always see combinations and relationships that don’t quite make sense from an outsider’s perspective, but we never know the full story. In the mainstream media that resonates on a daily basis, especially when you have people like Steph Curry and Barack Obama becoming best friends. Like, what?

On one hand you have one of the greatest basketball players of this generation, and on the other you have the former leader of the free world. It’s quite the dream team and whilst they may have only appeared a few times on camera together, you just know that they’re going to be going round to each other’s houses for Thanksgiving. At least, we hope so.

But as is the case with all great power couples you need to find a few opposing rivals, and we believe that we’ve done just that within the sports/political category. Some of these may be considered cheap choices and others may surprise you entirely, but either way the Barack & Steph Alliance had better watch their backs.

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Aside from confusing the living daylights out of you, we’d like to think that this piece has been an exploration in the importance of sport in the modern age. No matter how bad things may seem from a political stand point, those who control nations all over the globe still find time to be best pals with sportsmen and women of past and present.

Well, that’s how we’re choosing to look at it anyway as opposed to a series of publicity stunts.

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