From training to competition: Phelps vs. Bolt – the debate has been settled

It’s a debate that’s as old as time itself, dating all the way back to when men used to battle it out in order to see who the alpha male really was.

In this instance, of course, we can’t actually pit these two against one another so instead we’ll have to settle the debate ourselves – who is the greater athlete, Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt?

It’s a multi-layered question and as such there are a couple factors we need to take into consideration. Obviously both men have achieved great things within their respective fields, with the main highlight behind their success being the Olympic Games. With that being said, there’s so much more to Phelps and Bolt than meets the eye.

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So there you have it – it’s a close one, but we’re going to have to give this duel to the man himself Michael Phelps. Of course, that’s not taking anything away from the fastest man in the history of the planet earth, but the swimming icon just edges out the Jamaican superstar.

But above all else, we’re just happy that we’ve been able to see two legends of the sporting world compete in their prime. As members of the viewing audience, we are the real winners. Fact.

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