At long last, boxing has the fight it wants (and desperately needs)

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez made easy work of Julio César Chávez Jr in a Mexican showdown Saturday. The result means one thing for the boxing community: the fight we want is finally here. 

It was a slightly disappointing evening for the Latino community. Poised for an exciting thriller to decide the best (better) Mexican, we were treated to a fairly uneventful points decision; all three judges gave it to Álvarez 120-108.

Álvarez, who received $5m for the Chávez fight, now looks forward to far greater riches. “I wanted to give Mexico a great fight,” Álvarez said, “but he wouldn’t throw punches.”  Chávez, who received $3m for the fight, gave a “very disappointing display,” according to the respected Richie Woodhall.

This gifted Golovkin, the unbeaten holder of all the relevant world middleweight belts, a perfect opportunity to make amends for Saturday’s disappointment. He emerged from the crowd and confirmed what we all wanted to hear, that he and Chavez will go head to head on 16 September, probably in Las Vegas.

“I feel very excited. I think in September it will be a big Mexican-style [fight], a big drama show. We’re ready.”

– Gennady “GGG” Golovkin

Álvarez said in the ring, “Yes sir, it’s done” – they have yet to agree on the finer details; a venue, money-split and weight, but at least they have committed to a date.

“All these are details that will not concern millions of boxing fans. They just want to see the fight. Only pig-headed perversity can prevent the fight now …although the business has never been short of that commodity.”

– Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian 

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Many commentators think that Álvarez is getting the 35-year-old Kazakh at just the right time. The prospect of this fight offers a welcome break from the Mayweather/McGregor circus. As our sport continues to be bastardised by such nonsense, two geniuses–each in their own way–will go head to head in September. We can’t wait.


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