Sins of the father: Lonzo’s rookie year to define billion dollar Ball legacy

We all know what a loud mouth Lavar Ball is. The question is, do you love him or hate him? Most would say hate, or at least find him extremely annoying, arrogant, and maybe even ignorant. They’re not wrong. But everything he’s done, like saying he could “kill” Michael Jordan at one-on-one back in his heyday, or design a shoe for his son, Lonzo, and retailing it for the ridiculous price of $495 under his clothing line, Big Baller Brand, was very smart of him because it brought awareness.

However, the problem is the all the ludicrous things that have come out of his mouth. One of the most outlandish things Papa Ball said during a live interview sitting court side at a USC vs. UCLA game was, “I’ll tell you right now, [Lonzo] is better than Steph Curry to me.” Okay, he’s a father who expressed all the confidence in the world in his son, but to say that on national television while your son is playing in a college game is just absurd.

The thing he doesn’t seem to understand is that he’s running his mouth about things he himself can’t back up. Lonzo is the one who has to back it up. In other words, Lavar is writing checks Lonzo has to cash. All this yapping by Papa Ball is going to make or break his son’s career, and break is the better bet.

Hover Dad of the Year Lavar Ball (right) has done eldest son Lonzo (left) no favors as he prepares for life in the NBA. (Image source/Twitter)
Hover Dad of the Year Lavar Ball (right) has done eldest son Lonzo (left) no favors as he prepares for life in the NBA. (Image source/Twitter)

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Is Lonzo talented? Absolutely! No question about it. But as sports fans know, the best college players haven’t always proved they can be outstanding pro players. This doesn’t mean Lonzo will fall into that category, but his rookie year may be a lot tougher than he could ever imagine.

Lavar has put a target on his sons back so big that everyone will come out with their A-game trying to shut him down. Professionals don’t like being shown up, especially by some unproven rookie who hasn’t even been drafted yet. Just imagine Lonzo going up against Patrick Beverley for the first time, or better yet, Steph Curry! Do you expect Curry to take it easy on him? What about Klay Thompson or Draymond Green? They’re definitely gonna have Steph’s back and want a piece of him.

Lonzo Ball could absolutely live up to the hype his father is putting out there. He may not. It also may take him a few years to learn and adapt to the professional level like most youngsters in the league. He’s not going to be the best, fastest, biggest, strongest, or tallest player in the gym anymore, he’s going to be battling full grown men with “grown man strength.”

So here’s to whoever drafts Lonzo Ball and has to put up with his father. Let’s hope Lonzo can cash those checks his father’s been writing for him. And these ain’t like the birthday checks you get from grandma.

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