Paul and Gary Gait: The Greatest Twins in Sports History

Paul and Gary Gait are unicorns. You would be extra hard pressed to find twins that not only dominated their sport, but were on the same team in college, and then went on to shape how lacrosse was looked at forever.

They were the Michael Jordan of lacrosse. Imagine that; Michael Jordan having a twin brother who is just as good and played for the same team. It doesn’t seem fair. In the collegiate lacrosse world, in the late 1990’s, it actually wasn’t fair.

The Gait brothers went on to win championships, awards, break barriers, shatter records, and blow people’s minds. They single handedly put lacrosse on the map. And in Syracuse, NY they were rock stars equivalent to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and even immortalized by The Simpsons.

The Gaits grew up in British Columbia and spent their youth decimating every possible league. At 12, they were already national champions at the age of 12. That poor Pee-Wee league had no idea what hit them. Little did those parents know on the opposite sideline that under two of those helmets were killer twins.

Little did they know they were watching history in the making.

By the time they were in high school, every lacrosse coach under the sun had traveled to Canada to recruit them. They wanted to go pro, but just missed out on the Canadian National Men’s team at 17. The coach called SU because he had never seen such incredible talent and so young.

The Gait Brothers at SU are legendary. They dominated every game, barley losing in their 4 year career and winning 3 National Championships in a row. If you combine their goals per game average for their career at SU, the Gaits combined for over 9 points a game.

There’s too many stats to list and too many awards to remember. They not only were the best lacrosse players on the field, they were changing the way the game was played. The infamous “Air Gait” move was successfully completed by both brothers.

The rules were eventually changed to make that move illegal. But until then no one had ever tried to do it.

The Gaits went on to professional lacrosse, which at the time wasn’t all that popular. Both brothers had incredible careers, playing for numerous championships and winning more awards. They continue to work in lacrosse today and are members of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Two unicorns, twins, and innovators, that’s the Gait Brothers. It’s like having two Michael Jordans, or two Babe Ruths, or two Wayne Gretzky’s on the same team, in the same sport, and equally as deadly. It’s like a comic book, only the super heroes are real, and wearing shoulder pads, and mesh shorts.

Lacrosse participation numbers have grown from negligible before the Gaits, to nearly a million participants across the US according to More and more athletes are finding lacrosse over football.

Paul and Gary Gait will someday be known as the originators, the innovators, much like the greatest ever in other sports. They’re the GOATS. And their won’t be another set of twins like them; athletic superstars that you can hardly tell apart on or off the field.


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