From Slinger Malinga to cricket’s born entertainer: Sri Lanka’s greatest Test XI

Sri Lankan cricket has always been synonymous with world-class players and talent, but they have too often been forced into the shadows by the likes of India, Australia and South Africa when the topic of ‘best’ comes up in the pub… er sorry… on the veranda with a glass of Pimms. 

While they may not be at the forefront of cricket at the moment, they have had more than their fair share of top class cricketers with both bat and ball, who have partaken in so many moments of pure wonder and brilliance. With this in mind, who makes it into Sri Lanka’s all-time best Test XI?

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From incredible spinners to the most talented batsmen, this team has it all. When it is possible to compile an XI like this it is enough to make anyone wonder why Sri Lanka are not held in higher regard by world cricket.

The question must be; how would this team hold up in modern cricket? We think very well. With some of the greatest spinners, fluent and classy batsmen and explosive hitters, this team really does have it all and it wouldn’t be a side any current outfit would celebrate having to face in Sri Lanka as part of a five Test series.


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