Horrible: Fighter’s uncle wanted by police after sucker punch in ring

Andre Dirrell’s uncle is wanted by police after sucker-punching Jose Uzcategui following a controversial interim super middleweight title bout. Dirrell’s corner was rightfully upset after Uzcategui landed a dirty left hook after the bell that knocked their fighter out, but what happened next caught everyone by surprise. Not the referee disqualifying Uzcategui and awarding the win to an unconscious man, but Dirrell’s uncle charging into the ring and sneaking Uzcategui with a solid left hook before fleeing the venue. Watch for yourself:


There’s a lot of blame to go around here, but the lion’s share belongs to Dirrell’s uncle. Yes, Uzcategui should have exercised some restraint and not delivered a knockout punch to a defenseless fighter after the round had ended. He should absolutely be DQed for that. But at least Uzcategui’s actions are within the specter of possibility for boxers. There’s a reason the ref’s favorite sentence is “protect yourself at all times.”

It’s never OK to storm the ring and bareknuckle sucker-punch one of the fighters. Uzcategui can definitely take a punch, though. That left hook would have slept most people but the Venezuelan fighter took it on the chin and put his dukes up before his people hopped in the ring to stop the madness.

Dirrell’s uncle promptly ran out of the arena after the incident, but his astounding lapse in judgement is on tape for all to see. Boxing is an intense, violent sport where tensions run high, but there are some lines in the sand that you simply do not cross. Not unlike the infamous French rugby player who sucker-punched the referee, Andre Dirrell’s uncle would probably give up his pinky to take back what he did. But it’s 2017 and someone is always watching.

Sucker-punching someone is never a good look. Next time you’re thinking about stealing on someone – don’t, lest you end up on the internet as a cautionary tale.

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