East-West rivalry reborn as all-time NBA greats battle for title of “the best ever”

One of the best things about sports is the ability to debate topics that ultimately have no right answer. Would Kobe Bryant from 2006 beat Michael Jordan from 1996? Would the ‘96 Chicago Bulls team beat the ‘16 Golden State Warriors? 

One of the hardest debates out there is what team’s the best in NBA history. Is it a team from the new era, or one from back in the day? What rules are in play? Are these teams facing off in today’s world or back in the day? All of these factors matter. But we have the answer. The top-10 best teams in NBA history are:

There you have it. The 10 best teams in the NBA. It sucks we can’t have a tournament bracket to determine once and for all who’s the best of all time, because the best teams on paper don’t always win, so for now, MJ and his ’96 Bulls will just have to enjoy their crown as the best team in the history of the NBA.

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