Letting the Great Manchester Run go ahead is the best thing for the city

A difficult, and tragic week for Great Britain. An open, diverse and vibrant city targeted in the most brutal of manners. In what can only be described as an inconceivable attack; aiming to cause destruction amongst such a vulnerable group of people, the “losers” as Donald Trump has referred to them will never change our way of life; never change our way of thinking.

It’s therefore important to show solidarity in the face of adversity. As good as acts such as lighting up iconic buildings/stadiums, sharing ‘together’ messages over social media, and general goodwill to one another during a very difficult period are; they are not enough.

They are not enough to show a message of strength. Showing strength is by doing what we do best – carrying on with how we go about our lives. And, the city of Manchester’s decision to let the Great Manchester Run go ahead this weekend is just that. It’s the distraction the city needs; the message the country wants to send.

“Manchester is a truly resilient city and we look forward to successfully hosting these great sporting events,”

Luthfur Rahman, a city councillor

The Great Manchester Run is Europe's largest 10K event - Image Source: Twitter
The Great Manchester Run is Europe’s largest 10K event – Image Source: Twitter



With the terror threat being at its highest, it is difficult to argue against decisions such as Chelsea Football Club cancelling their parade across London in celebration of the Premier League title. But, to come out and celebrate the joys of victory and sport is what the club should do for the people.

Understandably, fears and concerns of safety should – and are – the priority. But, coming out and continuing a planned celebration is what angers these ‘losers’ the most. Altering our schedules and daily lives gives them the victory.

The insignificant Europa League Final, was another example. Manchester United won, but the celebration was for the city. Whispers of cancelling the final would have been succumbing to what the ‘losers’ would have wanted.

A city united is what Manchester is; a city that will proudly boast everything that is great about it this coming Sunday in the Great Manchester Run.

Our daily routine can be lead us to bad days, but this week puts things into perspective. The world gets behind a city, and this coming Sunday will have the whole world watching; sending messages of love and togetherness during the Great Manchester Run.



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