The beard and the strip club heist

Will Morgan

James Harden of the Houston Rockets is one of the best basketball players in the world. The race for MVP is coming down to him and former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, Russell Westbrook. Like many players in the NBA, he enjoys strip clubs, And, like many people who enjoy strip clubs, he got into a little trouble at one, resulting in him being named recently filed lawsuit. Moses Malone Jr., the son of an NBA legend, alleges that the master of the Eurostep instructed his goons to assault and rob him. 

Moses Malone played for the Houston Rockets from 1977-1982, before signing with the the Philadelphia 76s. In 1983, he won his only NBA championship as well as league and Finals MVP. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill for any kid. Moses Malone Jr. tried to follow in his father’s footsteps by playing some college ball, but not much came of it.

When it looked like a pro career was not going to happen, he took to talking up a big baller game without having the status to back it up. Which is what appears to have happened the night of June 25, 2016 at V-Live Nightclub, which, as you can see, is a totally reasonable place:

V-Live calls itself a “Bikini Bar” with several locations throughout the United States. It caters to people that like to throw money around and has become a popular destination for both celebrities and people that wish they were famous. This is where Moses Malone Jr. pops in. He says that Harden was probably mad at him for trashing him in a Facebook post. It seems like Malone thought $250 was too steep a price to charge for Harden’s basketball camp. Therefore, when he was spotted, Malone Jr. alleges that Harden sent some of four his boys over to rough him up and steal his diamond earrings and necklace.  Hence, Malone Jr is seeking $1 million for “physical pain and mental anguish”.

The lawsuit contains a complaint that says Harden paid Darian Blount approximately $20,000 “to put a hit on” Malone.


Moses Malone Jr.
Moses Malone Jr. (Image source/Twitter)

From there, the story gets more wild. Rumors flew that Moses Malone Jr. went into hiding because he was afraid that Harden paid Darian Blount, an ex-security guard at V-Live and one of the men accused of the assault, $20,000 to put a hit out on him. When V-Live Houston shut down due to unpaid taxes, the boisterous Malone couldn’t help himself. He took to social media claiming that he, rather than the IRS, shut them down, and was going to take down Harden next. It seems especially relevant that a Harden connection never seemed to materialize in the criminal case. As a result, Malone Jr. has taken to civil court.







On the basketball court, there is a hierarchy. Benchwarmers and scrubs are expected to stay out of the superstars’ way. When they don’t stay in their lane, they pay the price. Consequently, there is a similar hierarchy at play in strip clubs and night life. It seems like this is a lesson Moses Malone Jr. is finding out the hard way.

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