Octagon Too Far: UFC is begging for these WWE stars to cross over to MMA

Professional wrestling and mixed martial arts are, to most people, two things that just shouldn’t be mixed together. Like any horrific food combination you can think of, fans of the separate sports just don’t tend to see the light on the other side – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few wrestlers who couldn’t throw down in the octagon.

One of the big misconceptions about all forms of pro wrestling is that it “doesn’t hurt”. In reality, however, it’s probably the most athletic form of exercise or competition you can enter into. Plus, if you’ve ever taken a bump in the middle of the squared circle then you’ll know it’s nothing to joke about.

The MMA fighters that compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship are some of the toughest men and women on the face of the planet, so there’s every chance the names on this list could get sparked out within minutes. But what if we told you that a couple of them have already had professional fights before?

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So the next time you switch on Sky Sports and see these guys and girls gallivanting around in tights, take a moment to consider how tough their job actually is. With 300 days on the road and most of the nights involving a lot of painful moves, they deserve just as much respect as the Wayne Rooneys and Georges St-Pierres of the world – if not more.

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